Anthony Everest, ‘I Will Survive – (Narcolepsy)’.

Anthony was graciously invited to Lady Waynet’s one Sunday evening for dinner with her family after feeling despondent.

After a lovely evening, whilst waiting for his 6 minutes uber to arrive, he decided to kill time by jumping on the piano by playing his heart felt beautiful arranged version of Gloria Gaynor’s, classic – ‘I Will Survive’.

This was posted not NECESSARILY to win GRAMMIES but to celebrate life unlike contrived cosmetic performances. This is Anthony’s Holistic Safe space. A cathartic mood.


All that glitters apparently is still not gold. It may razzle dazzle but that does not mean it’s not a frazzle hassle.

The rest is history. Thank You Lady Way❤️. And FYI, we like our DIY website.

If you don’t get it, the message was not for you.

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