Your Love

The Covenant❤️

How can God prepare a table for you without your enemies?

He did it for Jesus before Judas at the last supper. He did it for Joseph, before his brothers; who sold him into slavery.

Evil is very, very, smart. In their ‘Art Of War’, no matter what they say. Their offense is often mostly their greatest, form of defence.

Don’t be razzle dazzled by evil, playing; victimhood. They are narcissistic manipulators. Learn to spread love all over hate like butter.

Always Rise Written & Performed by Aremuorin – Anthony Everest

So, you see my friends. Pay the devil and it’s instrument(s), no mind. God is up to something, otherwise, they won’t hate you so much.

No one hates on a loser. They only do, when you are slaying. Read your bible pray everyday; if, you want to #grow .. ‘ – #In14Ways

More about Anthony’s work with The Children’s Society here.

Written by Anthony Everest

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